Health Insurance

Health insurance is a type of insurance coverage that typically pays for medical, surgical, prescription drug and sometimes dental expenses incurred by the insured. Health insurance can reimburse the insured for expenses incurred from illness or injury, or pay the care provider directly.What insurance benefits mean?
Insurance benefits are the facilities associated with the purchase of insurance plan. ... Insurance companies guarantee financial reimbursement of the losses incurred by the insured or his/her beneficiary. This is the most sought after Insurance benefit.

Affordable Care Act

What is ACA?
The Affordable Care Act or Obamacare aims to make health care more affordable for everyone by
lowering costs for those who can't afford them.

What is tax credit?
The premium tax credit is a refundable tax credit designed to help eligible individuals and
families with low or moderate income afford health insurance. The amount of your premium tax
credit is based on household size and income. Below is a chart to help you determine if you may

Interested in learning more about the Affordable Care Act?
If you would like to see if you qualify and what plans are available in your area, please
click on the link below for a free quote, or if you would like to speak with an ACA
specialist, please call us at 956-262-9209.

What if I don’t qualify for ACA?
If you don’t qualify for the Affordable Care Act, there are other options available to you.
Short Term Medical insurance plans are available year round and are not based on
household size or income. However, unlike ACA, Short Term Medical plans do usually
have limitations on preexisting conditions. Another thing to keep in mind is that
premiums and deductibles are usually higher in a Short Term Medical plan. If you would
like to a free quote, please contact us at 956-262-9209.

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